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With the success of the mission of the World Institute of Pain® (WIP) in promoting the highest standards of pain practice globally, WIP introduced in 2010 a recognition program to award Pain Centers a certificate of Excellence in Pain Practice.



To create a process and an award to recognize pain centers that exhibit the highest ethical standards.



To define and recognize the qualifications of pain centers.



The application for the award will be sent voluntarily for consideration by a pain center.



1.    Who can initiate the process on behalf of the Pain Center?

The Director of the Pain Center


2.    Who receives this application?

World Institute of Pain®

Attention: Dianne Willard

150 Kimel Park Drive, Suite 100-A

Winston-Salem, NC 27103-6992   USA

Tel: 1 336.760.2933; Fax: 1 336.760.2981;

E-mail dianne.willard@worldinstituteofpain.org


3.    How is the material evaluated for eligibility?

Due diligence of the application is conducted by WIP staff.


4.    Who receives this application for consideration?

Excellence in Pain Practice (EPP) Award Committee after due diligence is performed by the WIP Secretariat who receives the application.




When the application is received for the EPP Award, the WIP Secretariat verifies the completeness of the following materials and signs off on each prior to sending the application materials to the Chair and the members of EPP Award Committee.


1.    The application is complete and signed off by the Secretariat.

2.    All supporting documents are enclosed, complete, and are signed off by the Secretariat.

3.    Two letters of recommendation are required in support of each EPP application.

a.    The EPP applicant is responsible for requesting the letters be sent to the WIP Secretariat.

b.    The letters should be addressed to the EPP Committee Chair (Prof. Serdar Erdine) and emailed to the WIP Secretariat via wip@worldinstituteofpain.org or mailed to the address on the front of this information packet.

c.    At least one of the letters must be written by an FIPP physician.

                                          i.    A list of FIPP physicians can be found on the WIP Board of Examination website, www.wip-boe.org under the Alumni tab.

                                         ii.    Contact details may be requested from Mr. Mark Tolliver at mark.tolliver@worldinstituteofpain.org or Ms. Dianne Willard at dianne.willard@worldinstituteofpain.org .

d.    Both letters must be written by physicians who are NOT directly affiliated with the pain center to be evaluated for an award.

e.    No member of the WIP Executive Board may be asked to write a letter.

4.    The completed application is forwarded by the Secretariat to the EPP committee Chair and members.

5.    Incomplete applications are reported to the Chair with a description of the action being taken to complete the application.



1.    The Chair and the members of the EPP Award Committee acknowledge receipt of the application and the date received.

2.    The EPP Committee shall meet no less than two times a year to review all completed paper applications received during that time period, together with associated internal due diligence documentation. Those applications that are approved shall be scheduled for a site inspection.

Application Review Cycle
Applications received (and complete): January 1 – April 30
- Reviewed for application approval by: May 30
- Site inspection preparation, inspector selection, and
inspection scheduling to be fulfilled within 60 days: July 30
- Site inspection report due within 10 days of inspection
- Committee meeting and decision by: August 30
Applications received (and complete): May 1 – August 30
- Reviewed for application approval by: September 30
- Site inspection preparation, inspector selection, and
inspection scheduling to be fulfilled within 60 days: November 30
- Site inspection due within 10 days of inspection
- Committee meeting and decision by: December 30

Any applications received between September 1 and December 31 will be reviewed and processed within the January-April cycle.

The Committee can and may modify this schedule to accommodate more applications in a shorter period of time, schedules permitting.

3.    The EPP Committee Chair and WIP Secretariat representative will select the Site Inspector, and a letter of introduction prepared and sent to both the Pain Center Director and Inspector. The Inspector will be required to sign a Confidentiality Disclosure form.

4.    Prior to the site inspection, the Pain Center Director will be invoiced by the WIP Secretariat for $1,000 USD to cover the costs of site inspector travel expenses. This is a fixed average fee and will never exceed this amount, even if actual costs are higher, which is sometimes a reality.

5.    Prior to the site inspection, the Pain Center Director and Site Inspector will each receive an Inspection Manual so they may prepare for the inspection to be scheduled on a date and time agreed upon by the Director and Inspector.

6.    The Chairman will review the majority decision from the committee members and then informs the Executive Board of the final outcome of the application.

7.    The WIP Secretariat will prepare a standardized letter for either acceptance or rejection of each application on behalf of the President, who informs the applicant of the outcome.

8.    The awards are valid for ten years; one- to two-years for a provisional award at the discretion of the EPP Committee Chair.

9.    Pain Centers that receive this award will be obliged to pay a $1,000 USD certification fee for the initial ten-year period. The renewal fee will be set by the Executive Board and published on the WIP website.

10.  Pain Centers should submit no less than annually to the WIP Secretariat a brief one- or two-page report highlighting newsworthy events and information suitable for publication on the EPP Award website.



1.    Award recipients are acknowledged in all official WIP publications, print and electronic media, including but not limited to newsletter, Pain Practice journal, WIP website, WIP’s social media outlets, and at the WIP World Congress.

2.    Award recipients are recognized in a special ceremony at the next World Congress.

3.    Award recipients will receive a wall plaque to display in their pain center, reflecting the dates of the award and signed by the WIP president and EPP Award Committee chairman.



1.    All accepted applications are archived indefinitely.

2.    All rejected applications are retained for five years and discarded if no subsequent action is initiated.



NOTE: Before proceeding on-line to complete the following application form, you might wish to review this application form in advance. Much of the requested information on this form may not be immediately available and may require some time and effort to collect. Therefore, it is suggested you click HERE to open this form in another window and print the form on your office computer and then gather the information requested. Once you have the data collected, simply return to this web page and click the link below.





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